Anja Knauer

After numerous photo shoots during the last couple of years, the actress Anja Knauer became a dear friend of mine and so I was very grateful when she called me some weeks ago and asked to meet for another photo session. Here are some of my favorite pictures...

Diakonie Business Report # 1

During the last couple of weeks I photographed several institutions for this year´s Diakonie business report. A quite special one was `Bio-Molkerei Lobetal`. Besides the fact that they produce the most delicious organic yoghurts, they also integrate a great number of people with mental or physical diseases in their working process. Please support and buy it in your supermarket!

Bradley Birkenfeld

He is the man whose disclosures to the United States government led to a massive fraud investigation against the Swiss bank UBS which led to an award of 104 million dollars and a sentence of 40 months in prison for himself.

Commissioned by Focus.