Autostadt Journal

For Autostadt Journal i took five portraits of various people who were asked in which situations they feel comfort and concealment. Quite a nice premise for a photo series i thought, so i decided to revive my good old medium format camera. I really should do this more frequently...

Christian Lindner

It´s quite a while ago that Mr. Lindner was a fellow student of mine when we both started our studies in political science in Bonn. While i decided to quit my student career pretty soon to become a photographer, Lindner turned out to become one of Germany´s new shooting stars in politics. I met the chairman of FDP party in Berlin. Commissioned by Welt am Sonntag.

Floating Piers

The pilgrimage has begun. Christo´s new land art installation at Lago d`Iseo is open to the public. Let´s go on monday i thought, it´s not gonna be so crowded. More floating piers for myself and more quietness for contemplation, i thought...

Albrecht Schuch

When I saw my mate Albrecht starring in the NSU film lately, I was absolutely thrilled by his performance. Our last photo shoot was already two years ago, so I called him and suggested to spend the afternoon together. Bloody marvellous, was his answer. So here are the results...

Berlin Startups

The Dutch magazine Elsevier published a Berlin special and asked me to portrait seven Dutch entrepreneurs who moved their work and life base to Berlin. Featuring Alper Cugun (Hubbub), Sander Nijssen (Iversity), Thalita van Ogtrop (The Next Closet), Jitse Groen (Lieferando), Koen Lenssen (Tengelmann Ventures), Joris van Winsen (Labfolder) and Noor van Boven (Soundcloud).

Güde Knifes

While on assignment for Impulse magazine, I travelled to Solingen to portrait Mr. K. - Peter Born. His company Güde produces handmade knifes in 4th generation. The factory has the retro charme of a 19th century shabby garage. It is stuffed with old machinery that is still in use to produce some of the best knifes you can buy. Spontaneously I decided to photograph a quick reportage before I had to leave.