Charles Castronovo

Such a big pleasure to meet opera singer Charles Castronovo lately. I wished there were more opportunities like this, where you have the chance to play around with different lights and settings. Commissioned by Bayerische Staatsoper and published Max Joseph magazine.

Art scene Berlin

One of the most exciting assignments this year, was a story about the current situation of Berlin´s Art scene. Commissioned by ART magazine, I had access to several fascinating locations such as the huge construction sites of Neue Nationalgalerie and Humboldtforum, the office of the Federal chancellor and I had a very exclusive portrait session with the world famous Nofretete bust.

James Baron

Some weeks ago, I had the opportunity to observe one of the best Chef´s de Cuisine, while preparing a very exclusive barbecue at the Café am Neuen See in Berlin. One thing I learned that day - you can actually grill almost anything.

Commissioned by Focus magazine.