Fifteen Minutes is a project that started in 2013. I´m asking young people on the street to come into my studio and sit on a chair for fifteen minutes and not doing anything but sit there. My place is outside on the balcony. Hidden under a blanket I start taking pictures while they are sitting inside the room. After about five minutes people tend to start starring at something. That´s when I usually start taking pictures. One medium format roll film per person. I want to create a situation where people are not posing for the camera. Then they open up and get fragile. With this series I wanted to establish a photographic approach that is kind of diametrically opposed to my daily work as a hired photographer. When you work for magazines and especially when it´s about prominent people, you mostly don´t get a lot of time to create a situation where something unexpected or in the best case something real and natural unfolds in front of your camera. Mostly your ambition as a creative mind has to stand back and is being replaced by your experience as a craftsman. You choose your tools and do your job. With the series `Fifteen Minutes` I want to show what´s happening when you just let people be. When you leave them alone. When you as a photographer step back for a moment and just wait what happens next. How people react on this unfamiliar situation tells a lot more about their personalities than you could ever find out in a staged photo shoot.

Meanwhile I portrayed about 100 people aged between 15 to 25 in order to create a portrait cycle of the younger generation that is searching for identity.